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Five Products You Should Add to Your Financial Plan

It is never too early to start thinking about your financial security. Here are five important financial products that will get you on your way to a secure future: 1. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
 RRSPs are personal retirement plans that are registered with the government to assist and encourage Canadians to save for their retirement. [...]

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Living Benefits: Disability Insurance vs. Critical Illness Insurance

You probably don’t think twice about insuring your car and home, but the most valuable asset you have may be your earning power. Disability insurance and critical illness insurance are both types of living benefits Canadians can set up to protect themselves, their families and their financial assets in case of physical hardship. As discussed [...]

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What are the Differences Between Term, Term 100 and Whole Life Insurance?

What is Term Insurance? Term insurance provides protection for a specific period of time, usually one to twenty-five years or to age 75-80. Premiums usually remain level during the specific term but increase if the policy is renewed. At the end of the term, you may reapply for coverage and you may or may not [...]

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Taking Stock of Your Finances

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Well Thanksgiving has passed and a long fall brings us to the Christmas season. This is a time of year when most of us are thinking about getting to spend time with family and friends. Many of us get a bit of time off between Christmas and New years and this can be a particularly [...]

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Mortgage Life Insurance vs. Personal Term Insurance

I am often asked, “what is the difference between mortgage life insurance offered through the bank or other lending institution and privately held personal term insurance?” The coverage offered through your bank is designed to do one thing: in the event of you or your spouse’s death, it will pay off the mortgage debt. It [...]

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A Case For Critical Illness Coverage

The following is a true account of and incident relating to one of my clients. The names have been changed to assure the privacy of my client. I do have my client’s permission to tell her story though and I am grateful and hope that this allows others to think about their situation. John and [...]

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