Estate Planning

Sharing Information Regarding Your Estate
A 1997 Environics Research study found that more than one third of Canadians avoid discussing money matters with their families

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Taking Care of Your Parents 
Looking out for an elderly parent requires tact, sensitivity, respect and patience.
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Making a decision about who should raise your children in the event that something happens to you is not easy.
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In-Trust Accounts
Parents and other relatives are using in-trust accounts more and more to save money for a child, generally for his or her education.
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Insured Inheritance
Is one of your financial objectives to reduce the income taxes you are paying on assets you now own? Are you thinking that those could be passed on to your heirs or to a favorite grandchild?
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Family Law & Estate Planning - Learn about the law as it pertains to partners in a marriage or spousal relationship when that relationship ends and how this could impact your estate planning.
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Incapacity Planning - A “POWER OF ATTORNEY” is as important as having a will. Planning ahead in case of serious health or disability problems can save unnecessary disruptions.
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Probate Planning - This is a very important area of estate planning and with proper advice you can save a lot of time and money.
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Your Estate Matters - Ten reasons why you should not leave estate planning to chance.
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Estate Planning - A Step by Step guide to creating your estate plan.
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Death and Taxes - Canada has no official death, estate or inheritance taxes. However, without proper planning, on death an estate may be faced with large and unexpected tax liabilities.
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Structuring a Will - You work hard all your life to provide for the future and those you care about. Why leave it to chance when you die?
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