Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney - Enduring or Continuing

A power of attorney is a written document naming a person to manage your financial affairs while you are still alive but become mentally incompetent.

If you become incapable of managing your own affairs and do not have a signed power of attorney, a government body called the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee can step in to manage your assets.

A family member can apply through this office to be your representative or attorney but the process is generally more expensive, time consuming and stressful than preparing a power of attorney in the first place.

Power of Attorney - Personal Care:
A power of attorney for personal care, also called a living will, is a written document outlining what forms of medical treatment you do or do not wish to receive should you become incapacitated and who will make those decisions for you.

You must be of sound mind when you prepare and sign this document for it to be valid. Should you become incapacitated without a living will, the law sets out which family members would become the medical decisions makers.

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