Six Tips to Help Pay Off Credit Card Debt

1316486_770629801)   Plan Your Budget:
Prepare a budget including a list of your monthly income, expenses and bill payments. This will help you track your payments and cut out unnecessary expenses.

2)   Pay Off High Interest Cards First:
Pay down higher interest rates first (maybe one card has 19% interest rate while another has 12%). This will help you pay down your debt faster.

3)   Pay Off the Lowest Balance First:
Another tactic is to pay off the credit card with lowest balance first. After the first credit card is paid off, you can apply that money towards another card. This way you get satisfaction from the ‘mini’ milestones on your way to paying off your debt and decreases the number of payments you need to make.

4)   Call Your Credit Card Company:
If you call your credit card company, there might some offers available for lower interest rates that you might be able to take advantage of.

5)   Balance Transfer:  
You may be able to get a low rate by transferring your credit card balance to another credit card.

6)   Do Not Live Beyond Your Means:
Try to live modestly until your cards are paid off and do not acquire any new debts before you pay off the current debts. You should also avoid using your cards for purchases and use cash or debit instead.

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